A little wound science

A wound happens quickly, for example, by external influences, extreme temperatures or chemicals that affect the skin. Therefore, it is very important that every wound is treated immediately and sustainably.

Sewage treatment plants & manure

With few exceptions, microorganisms do not occur as a monoculture, but as a biocoenosis. The composition is not random, but depends on the interactions between the organisms.

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Active traumatic wounds

Active traumatic wounds are those that are caused by external mechanical influences on the skin. As such cuts and abrasions are, the most common everyday injuries, active traumatic wounds.


Mosquito bites

Only the females sting because they need the blood meal to lay eggs. With their sharp-edged proboscis they scratch the skin of their “victim” and initially insert some of their saliva in the injection site.b.


Thermal wounds

In medicine, one speaks of thermal wounds when extreme heat or cold damages the tissue. In adults, it results in burns when the skin is exposed to temperatures above 65°C.



The body of the animals works best under certain environmental conditions. In the body, biological processes regulate and compensate for changing environmental conditions to ensure that body functions perform optimally.



A sunburn occurs when our skin is unprotectedly exposed to the sun for too long. The skin then reacts sensitively, it reddens, itches and hurts, and in worse cases, blisters and edema form.



Symbiosis between microorganisms and higher organisms is essential for any well-functioning system. An example of this is the intestinal flora. But not only the intestine is colonized by various bacteria.