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Water Disinfection by Means of Sodium Hypochlorite

Due to its oxidizing effect, sodium hypochlorite is ideal for disinfecting drinking and industrial water. It is effective against a variety of viruses and bacteria and fungi and their spores. The pH-optimized sodium hypochlorite solution produced in our LiquidClean LC systems is undiluted up to 80 times more effectively than comparable hypochlorite solutions.

Due to its special properties, pH-optimized sodium hypochlorite is able to penetrate cell walls quickly and damage a large number of biochemical processes. As a result, the formation of resistance, as with other disinfectants, is largely ruled out. Since sodium hypochlorite is also able to degrade existing biofilm, many microorganisms permanently deprived of their habitat. The low dosage largely rules out corrosion of the drinking water installation.

In contrast to many other sodium hypochlorite solutions produced by electro-diaphragm analysis, no by-products such as chlorine dioxide, ozone or hydrogen peroxide are detectable in drinking water in LiquidClean LC. Bromat and halogenated carbon compounds (THM) are within the detection limit and thus far below the limits of the Drinking Water Ordinance. For humans, sodium hypochlorite is to be regarded as safe for health in accordance with the Drinking Water Ordinance (TrinkwV).

The injected sodium hypochlorite is transported with the water through the entire drinking water installation to the last extraction point. In contrast to other processes, the pH-optimized sodium hypochlorite produced in our plants does not only act at the injected point.


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