Single and Multi-Family Houses

Water Hygiene in Single and Multi-Family Houses

Even if the publicly provided drinking water has a high quality, it can make sense for owners of single-family and multi-family houses to subject the drinking water to a new treatment. This can be the case, for example, in the case of a positive Legionella finding within the prescribed sampling of drinking water supply systems.


With our LiquidClean LC systems and LiquidClean LCD dosing stations, we offer a needs-based and reliable solution for the reduction of germs in single and multi-family houses.
While for the former i.d.R. If a dosing station (LiquidClean LCD) is absolutely sufficient, we recommend the installation of a LiquidClean LC production system for multi-family houses in the hands of private owners or housing associations due to the usual consumption.

As the pH-optimized sodium hypochlorite flows through the entire circuit with the water, it unfolds its effect throughout the active line system. Any existing biofilm is also degraded gently. Corrosion of cable walls and other components is largely excluded..

As there is a need for immediate action in case of a positive result, we also offer our equipment for rent.

For further questions our team is at your disposal.


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