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Water Hygiene in Hospitals & Medical Practices

Whether hospital, health center or doctor’s office – where ill or immunocompromised persons are treated and should be convalesced, the hygiene standard must meet the highest standards. Since u.a. Bacteria such as legionella can be particularly dangerous for these people, the usual hygiene standard should also apply to the quality of the provided drinking water. Due to frequent modernizations or conversions and the resulting consequences for the drinking water installation such as dead strands, etc. compliance with the hygiene regulations in this area is often difficult and can be realized with great effort.

With the LiquidClean LC system we offer a reliable and safe solution for the reduction of bacteria in drinking water as well as for compliance with the hygiene plan. Thus, the installation of a LiquidClean LC system not only benefits patients but also operators. As the pH-optimized sodium hypochlorite flows through the circuit with the water, it exerts its effect throughout the active line system. Biofilm, which is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria living in water, is gently degraded. Corrosion of duct walls, etc. is u.a. due to the dosage largely excluded.

In contrast to hospitals and clinics, we recommend for germ reduction in medical and dental practices due to the low consumption i.d.R. the installation of a LiquidClean LCD dosing station.

Of course, the system and the pH-optimized sodium hypochlorite complies with the specifications of the DVGW (worksheet W229, W551) and the Drinking Water Ordinance (TrinkwV) and is harmless to health.

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