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LiquidClean systems are based on the well-known method of electro-diaphragm analysis (also called membrane cell electrolysis). Since the inclusion of the method in the list of approved according to §11 of the Drinking Water Ordinance for germ reduction, a variety of systems for on-site production and supply of a disinfectant solution have been developed.

For the production of the disinfectant solution, only water and high-purity sodium chloride (salt) in the form of tablets are required in the process of electro-diaphragm analysis. Added with sodium chlorite, the water is passed into the two electrolysis chambers. Here, by means of an anode, which is separated by an ion-selective membrane from the cathode, in the anode chamber from the two basic substances u.a. Sodium hypochlorite (NaClO) produced.


After completion of minor preparatory work, the fully assembled equipment for commissioning must be connected only to the water pipe, a drain and power connection. The housing already contains all components for the production and supply of a locally produced disinfection solution in accordance with the requirements of the Drinking Water Ordinance (TrinkwV).

Production & Feed-in

Connected to the water line and filled with high-purity sodium chloride (salt), the plants start to produce a pH-optimized sodium hypochlorite solution after commissioning. The water softener required for this purpose is included in the system and is designed for a water hardness of up to 50 ° dH.

To ensure that there is no interruption to the feed in the event of peak consumption or a possible production stop due to lack of salt, all LiquidClean systems are equipped with a storage tank. From here, the pH-optimized sodium hypochlorite solution is fed into the pipeline network by means of an integrated dosing pump in accordance with the set value and in accordance with the Drinking Water Ordinance.


The production of the highly effective, pH-optimized sodium hypochlorite is controlled by a specially developed system technology. This also ensures a constant concentration and quality of the pH-optimized sodium hypochlorite according to the set values.

  • The system is delivered ready assembled
  • easy & fast commissioning
  • integrated water softener (up to 50 ° dH)
  • Touch LCD display for operation

The operation of the system as well as the display of the current operating status and the output of further messages takes place via a color touch display. Operating data and cycles are logged and can be viewed via the logbook function.

Optionally there is the possibility of integration into the process control technology.


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