Food & Beverage Industry

Water Hygiene in the Food & Beverage Industry

One of the basic requirements for the processing and production of food and beverages is perfect hygiene. This also applies to drinking and service water used directly or indirectly during production.

With LiquidClean LC we offer you a reliable and approved system for water disinfection in the food industry. Because the produced, pH-optimized sodium hypochlorite flows with the current through the entire circuit, it unleashes its effect in the entire active line system, in contrast to some other methods. Any existing biofilm is degraded gently. Corrosion of duct walls, production machines and other components is largely excluded.

In addition to indirect use, LiquidClean LC systems are also suitable for direct use. Whether flushing reusable bottles or reducing germs in fruit and vegetable processing – LiquidClean LC systems are versatile and offer you and your consumers more security.

LiquidClean LC systems are always connected to a cold water line, but can handle both cold and hot water and steam cycles.

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