Drinking water disinfection

What Drives Us

“Clean drinking water is one of nature’s most precious assets. That’s why our drinking water is the best-supervised food ever.

Nevertheless, contamination with germs or bacteria may occur on the way to collection, especially in the last few meters. These can lead to life-threatening infections, especially in the elderly, sick or immunocompromised. For operators of drinking water installations, the consequences of the spread of pathogens under the Infection Protection Act can also be associated with considerable costs.

Our mission

Therefore, we have made it our mission to develop a new standard of quality in water hygiene and sterilization. With our LiquidClean LC systems, we offer a health-friendly, environmentally friendly, energy-saving and reliable system for water hygiene. Whether single-family or multi-family house, doctor’s office or hospital, stadium or airport – monthly water consumption of up to 80,000 m³ can be covered in accordance with the system type. In addition, the installation of multiple systems is possible.


Upon request, we can offer our customers numerous tasks and duties in accordance with legal requirements in cooperation with partners from the collection and evaluation of technical systems, the performance of water analyzes to the certification of drinking water supply systems.

After installing a LiquidClean system, we can also offer our customers insurance against damage due to official orders under the Infection Protection Act or the German Drinking Water Ordinance (AVB-BSG) via a cooperating insurance agency.


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